Eds Behead t-shirt

USD 25.00

What is it about names that rhyme with ‘dead’ that bring out the strangeness in people… and makes them want to play with sharp objects?  We decided to explore the theme and this epic Ed(ward)/Fred(die) mash-up is the result.  The big winner in all of this… you!  You get to walk the streets in this masterpiece simultaneously highlighting your good taste and twisted mind.  The big loser… Jason (which doesn’t rhyme at all), though we like to think he had it coming.

Had we not limited this exercise to humans Mr. Ed surely would have made the cut. Though a beheaded horse would confuse the metaphor… we’ll save that one for a Godfather riff.

Printed on our own custom long-thread, soft-as-satin, carded cotton t-shirts.