Wanna start a business?

Major Malfunction Entrepreneur (MME) Program

So, you want to be in business?

Then Major Malfunction Entrepreneur (MME) is for you!

MME is a new program we’ve established for our Fs (fans, friends and followers) who want more than to wear a Major Malfunction masterpiece.  MME is for those who want also to SHARE the genius of Major Malfunction with as many people as possible… and to build your own business while you’re at it.

“Hey dude, your t-shirt is awesome… where can I get one?”

How often has someone asked you this?  Well, instead of directing them to a website or a store you can now say… “I can hook ya’up!”

And that’s just sitting back, wearing your masterpieces and letting the world come to you.  Just think, for every person who has asked you about your t-shirt, there are 10 others too shy to speak up.  For movers and shakers there is no end to the number of ways to actively tap this excitement and appreciation for Major Malfunction.

  • Have a t-shirt par-tay
  • Set up a table at an event
  • Set up a booth at a street fair
  • Put up flyers
  • Friends on Facebook
  • Followers on Twitter

MME Kits (priced at $180 + shipping) contain all you need to set up your MM satellite enterprise, including:

  • 12 Major Malfunction masterpieces (in assorted styles, sizes, colors)
  • 48 Major Malfunction stickers (for gift-with-purchase or to sell)
  • 1 Major Malfunction banner (to adorn your “marketplace”)
  • 24 sponsor cards (to expand your network)

Retail price is $25 per masterpiece and $.50 per sticker (equaling Major Malfunction online pricing for both) so your $180 becomes $324 with only one kit.

In addition, each MME receives a unique sponsor code with your first kit.  When one of your admirers becomes a new MME, he/she then presents your code during enrollment to highlight you as their sponsor (one sponsor per enrollment).  This recognition entitles YOU to a credit equal to 20% of the new MMEs kit investment ($18 in the case of 1 kit).  You can put this toward any future MME purchases. The broader your network, the bigger your business.  Just 5 code sponsor mentions and you have a free kit!

Well, what are you waiting for?  Go to our Contact page and send us an email with “I want to be an MME” as the message… we’ll have you up and running in no time!