Evil twins, do they exist?  We like to think so.  At Major Malfunction, we explore the darker sides of our most cherished characters.  And you thought you were having a bad day!

If you’re interested in reading more about us, here’s a recent interview we gave for HUF Magazine…

1.  What is Major Malfunction and what is it all about?

Major Malfunction is an outlet for us to share our twisted observations and art with the world.  Some people make movies or write books.  Others sculpt.  We make really messed up t-shirts.

2.  How did the brand start and how did the name come about?

The way many things in life do – with the phrase “You know what would be really fucking funny…?”  Then something about a hipster and a skull and – shazam! – our first design was born.

The name comes from the movie Full Metal Jacket.  Private Pyle has obviously snapped and in a doomed (really) effort to return him to his bunk, his drill sergeant asks him what his major malfunction is (the actual quote is, “What is your major malfunction numbnuts?”).  It’s an all-time great movie scene (alongside the Dennis Hopper/Chris Walken “history discussion” in True Romance).  We thought about naming the company Numbnuts but found it limiting.

3.  Who decides which cherished character’s dark side you are going to explore next?

That’s a group decision.  We are constantly tossing around ideas.  Whichever gets the biggest, sickest laugh wins.

4.  We love your graphics. They are the perfect image representation of evil, dark and gruesome.  Who is the talented person(s) behind these images?

Thanks!  Evil, dark and gruesome… that’s us.  We feature artists from literally all over the world (including our own office) that share these traits with us.  We’ll usually mention the artist of a particular masterpiece in the shirt’s description on our website (www.MajorMalfunction.net).

5.  Describe the type of people who wear Major Malfunction?

Anyone who gets it.  We all have a little “major malfunction” in us, that dark and slightly twisted place that not everyone knows about.  We look to connect with that place in people.

6.  You accept artwork submission too. What criteria do you usually look for from people’s submission?

The same criteria we look for in our own – is it funny, twisted and good?  Then our website’s monthly contest, “Print ME Next”, dictates what gets printed when.  Ultimately what we make is not up to us, our public decides.

7.  Where can our readers get their own piece of Major Malfunction?

At our website - www.MajorMalfunction.net.  You can vote in our “Print ME Next” contest there as well!

8.  Do you take any request of which character people want to see/wear next?

Absolutely!  Go to our website and contact us.